Data analytics

Liberum and Brismo. Bringing transparency and consistency

Liberum is a founding investor in Brismo, a leading provider of analytics on the AltFi sector.

Brismo’s aim is to bring greater transparency to the AltFi sector by improving the quality of disclosure - an initiative that Liberum supports.

For Loan Originators:

Brismo enables originators to present their lending track record to a consistent industry standard. Using loan level cash flows Brismo can construct comparable performance metrics to facilitate like-for-like comparison.

For Investors:

Brismo’s standardised metrics assist investors with a number of critical functions required to own and manage alternative loan assets including:

  • Due diligence
  • Risk management and risk monitoring
  • Portfolio valuation

For more details, contact:

Liberum: Mark James -

Brismo: Rupert Taylor -