Disruptive Healthcare: CEO video series


This publication marks the launch of our new periodical series where we interview CEOs from some of the most disruptive UK listed healthcare companies. In today’s edition we interview the CEO of Diaceutics who explains how it is helping to break-down the barriers to the uptake of precision medicines, one of the fastest growing segments in pharma. Giulio Cerroni, CEO of Ixico discusses how it is helping pharma make significant inroads in central nervous system drug development through its AI led approach to brain imaging. We also discuss how Medica Group is giving the NHS significant flexibility to address the growing demand for radiology services with CEO Stuart Quin. Lastly, we speak with John Dawson, CEO of Oxford Biomedica who has delivered significant progress with new collaborations for the core viral vector technology over the last 12 months.


Diaceutics is a £120m market cap company that uses proprietary data to provide services to the pharma industry in order to improve access to precision medicines, one the fastest growing markets in healthcare. In this video, CEO Peter Keeling discusses the increasing importance of precision medicine to the pharmaceutical industry, the barriers to its uptake, how COVID-19 is enhancing the importance of Diaceutic’s services and why the launch of its platform DXRX could be a game-changer for the business.

For more information on Diaceutics please contact us or see www.diaceutics.com/investor-relations/

Ixico is a c.£40m market cap company that provides data analytics services to identify and measure unique biomarkers from brain scan and wearable biosensor data produced in clinical research programmes. This specialist capability helps pharma to improve the success of clinical studies, especially in the high reward but also high risk area of central nervous system diseases. In this video, CEO Giulio Cerroni explains why imaging is so important in drug development, why there is so much investment in CNS R&D, how Ixico’s approach is unique, what impact COVID-19 has had on the business and why Ixico is so well placed to take advantage of the long-term shift towards greater R&D spend on CNS diseases.

For more information on Ixico please contact us or see https://ixico.com/investors/


Medica is a £146m market cap company that provides teleradiology services to the NHS. In this video, CEO Stuart Quin explains why the demand for teleradiology is growing so strongly in the UK, how Medica’s platform gives the NHS significant additional capacity and flexibility, the role COVID-19 is playing in driving a significant build-up in demand for its services and lastly how the group intends to execute its double digit mid-term growth plan.

For more information on Medica please contact us or see www.medicagroup.co.uk/investors/

Oxford biomedica:

Oxford Biomedica is a £700m market cap company and the world’s leading expert in the design and manufacture of lentiviral vectors for gene therapy. In this video, CEO John Dawson discuss the evolving landscape for lentiviral vector demand, the recent signing of a major deal with Juno, its ability to meet this anticipated increase in demand and lastly its important involvement in the Oxford University/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. This interview was conducted before Oxford Biomedica’s recent extended relationship with AstraZeneca relating to COVID vaccine manufacturing supply. This deal further reinforces John’s comments on the importance of Oxbox in terms of capacity expansion and, of course, is evidence of his confidence in signing further deals in 2020.

For more information on Oxford Biomedica please contact us or see www.oxfordbiomedica.co.uk/investors

*The views in these video are of Oxford BioMedica CEO John Dawson, CEO of Diaceutics, Peter Keeling, Stuart Quin Medica group CEO and CEO Giulio Cerroni of IXICO

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