Matt Truman: How is consumer behaviour changing



True believe recent events will drive an acceleration of key trends in consumer behaviour. "accelerating 10 years of technical adoption in 10 weeks". Given their business model, they have better visibility than most.

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True is Europe’s only retail and consumer sector specialist, operating across the entire investment vertical. True has fantastic visibility into the future of retail through 14 corporate partnerships around the world with >£20bn of combined EBITDA, owns 40 young disruptive innovative companies and 6 retailers in the current PE growth funds. True’s Live Network model brings together its private equity companies, startup innovators, investors and global retail and consumer brands (through its leading industry partner programme) to add value, both strategically and operationally, across the retail and consumer spectrum.

About our speaker

Matt has been involved in the retail and consumer sectors for 16 years. He began his career at Deloitte and subsequently joined Lehman Brothers, where he was made Head of Retail. He then joined JP Morgan where he led the European retail franchise. Over his 13-year career in the City, Matt has advised and analysed a collection of the largest and most disruptive retailers in the world. Specifically, he was a long-term advisor to Tesco, Wal-Mart, Metro, Migros, Carrefour and Booker. Disruptively, he also floated Ocado and Delticom on the public markets. He co-founded True with Paul Cocker in 2008, initially as a private investment vehicle to build and ultimately realise his own ecommerce business in his spare time (which grew from three to 120 people, selling 68 brands in 70 countries) before launching the investment firm full time in 2013.

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