Meat and Dairy Alternatives - Showcasing the companies revolutionising our diets


Interest in plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy has exploded. But what do we really know about consumer demand, trends and innovation? Earlier this year we were delighted to host some the companies at the coalface of new alternatives to meat and dairy, discussing (and serving for lunch) everything from plant burgers to insect burgers. CEOs and founders of Meatless Farm, Coconut Collaborative, Higher Steaks and the wonderfully-named Bug Foundation helped us host a lively discussion on the trends and innovations that are helping revolutionise our diets.

In the videos below our speakers outline their main activities, scope for growth and how they found Liberum’s event. Click the images below to watch the videos. 

Find out what our guest speakers thought of the Liberum event 

The views in these videos are those of The Meatless Farm Company, The Coconut Collaborative and Higher Steaks.

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