Liberum UK Small and Mid Cap companies 'bible' flags winners and losers in a challenging market

14 January 2016 | Analyst Insight

(LONDON) The annual 'bible' for the UK’s Small and Mid Cap equities market released today by Liberum concludes that it will see pockets of outperformance in 2016 led by companies with strong balance sheets or experiencing structural growth, as well as those who are dollar earners or that return cash to investors.

SMID Annual Cover2

The UK’s Small and Mid Cap market, or SMID, comfortably outperformed the FTSE 100 in 2015 and now tops the Investment Association’s asset class return list on a five-year view.

Liberum’s UK SMID Annual, headlined “Late Cycle Opportunities”, shows that Small Cap remains at a discount but historical late-cycle underperformance of value stocks supports the bank’s conviction that there are opportunities in stocks exposed to structural growth.

It finds greater valuations for companies who have returned cash to investors and expect this to continue in the form of higher P/E multiples in 2016.

“UK SMID has regained its title as the best asset class in the world over five years,” said Joe Brent, Liberum’s Head of Research.

For 2016, “we think strong balance sheets are key,” he added. “Sadly, companies that have invested have mostly been punished. Cash returners have performed well.  We argue that regular buy-backs are better than specials, but only regular dividends generate a valuation uplift.”

The report says that there is plenty to worry about globally; China, emerging markets, commodity prices, monetary tightening, negative earnings momentum, high valuations and a tired-looking bull market.

In the UK specifically, Brexit could trigger political instability, a Scottish Independence vote, weakness in Sterling and GDP softness… but more likely the UK will remain one of the highest growth economies in the G7.

The research also explores:

  • Tailwinds for the UK consumer
  • Tightening credit markets
  • The National Living Wage
  • Liquidity issues
  • How companies should spend their cash
  • Investing on AIM 

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US recession could be short-lived – Liberum industrials indicator

08 January 2016 | Analyst Insight
US industrials recession

(LONDON) The US recession currently affecting the world’s equipment and machinery makers could prove surprisingly short-lived, exclusive data from the Capital Goods team at independent London-based investment bank Liberum suggests. 


Liberum’s proprietary monthly Early Cycle Indicator is based on analysis of 20 years of data and it reveals that December 2015 was the second consecutive month when the ratio of U.S. new orders-to-inventories among the world’s metal bashers exceeded 1.10, the highest level since 2014. 

“History shows that orders recover without exception when this happens,” said Daniel Cunliffe, Liberum’s European Capital Goods Analyst. 

The data implies a return to order expansion within six months. 

“We remain bearish on the sector as we expect deflation to continue,” Daniel added. Last year, Liberum’s ECI data underpinned a view that the sector would face a downturn commencing the second quarter of 2015. Institute for Supply Management data indicates that US manufacturing has been in recession since November 2015. 

“We struggle to identify recovery drivers at this stage, but we cannot ignore the strength of the US data, which has led to an industrial order recovery on all seven occasions between 1985 and last year,” Daniel said. 

The Indicator, created by Daniel, weights new orders from the Purchasing Managers Indices versus inventories in Europe (50% of the Index), the US (30%) and China (20%). 

The ECI is 80% correlated with volume growth at giant global industrial firms and can offer a six-to-nine month lead on trends. 

The early cycle refers to the critical period after a recession when companies buy smaller items such as ball bearings or drill bits for products sold, or projects delivered, in the near term. Late cycle refers to major capital expenditure such as factories and power plants that meet rising demand from the early circle.


Liberum is an independently-owned pan European investment bank. The firm’s core activities are research, sales and trading in large, small & mid cap pan-European equities, as well as investment banking and advisory services including IPOs, secondary issues and mergers and acquisitions.

  • Liberum’s team of 43 research analysts cover more than 300 European stocks across nine key sectors
  • Liberum was recognized as the #1 firm in the 2015 Thomson Reuters StarMine Awards for UK & Ireland, achieving the top-three positions across all industries for overall stock picker
  • Liberum is broker to more than 70 listed companies across 20 sectors and has raised £1.6bn for its corporate clients in 2015 YTD
  • The firm was established in 2007, and employs over 160 people in London and New York
  • Further information is available at

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The Renewables Infrastructure Group names Liberum as Corporate Broker

22 December 2015 | Corporate brokerships

The Renewables Infrastructure Group Ltd. (Ticker: TRIG LN) has today appointed Liberum as Joint Corporate Broker.

TRIG (1)

TRIG has invested in 36 distinct fully-operating renewable electricity generation assets in the UK, France and the Republic of Ireland. 24 of the assets are onshore wind projects and 12 are solar PV projects, representing aggregate generating capacity of approximately 658MW, with a weighted average operational history of approximately five years.

TRIG entered the FTSE 250 in December 2015.

Click >here for more information on the company.

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New brokerships at Liberum

22 December 2015 | corporate brokerships

Liberum has been appointed as sole corporate broker to power and data cables maker Volex plc (ticker: VLE LN), the latest in a series of recent brokership appointments.

Volex (click > here to find out more about the company) is a leading manufacturer of high-quality cables for products such as Apple TV, Dyson vacuum cleaners and MRI scanners for hospitals. It provides a global solution to customers with exacting design and safety requirements.

In Apple TV, for example, the cable forms part of the unit design and Volex has the specialist manufacturing capabilities to both meet the design requirements and provide global safety certification, mitigating risks posed to Apple’s brand by product malfunction or safety issues.

Marwyn Value Investors

Elsewhere, Marwyn Value Investors (Ticker: MVI LN) has appointed Liberum as its Corporate Broker. It is a long-term public equity investment fund structured as a feeder fund into Marwyn Value Investors LP. It operates a buy-and-build strategy led by industry-leading management teams to create and unlock value. Its current portfolio includes BCA Marketplace, Zegona Communications and Gloo Networks.


Liberum has also been named as Joint Corporate Broker to Equiniti Group Plc (Ticker: EQN LN), a provider of sophisticated technology, administration, processing and payments services that support complex and regulated processes.

Johnston Press

UK media company Johnston Press Plc (Ticker: JPR LN), whose portfolio includes The Scotsman and The Yorkshire Post, has named Liberum as Joint Corporate Broker.

Johnston Press is one of the largest regional newspaper and media publishers in the country and has developed vertical businesses that extend beyond print.  It operates online jobs search platform and digital marketing services for small and medium-sized enterprises under the Digital Kitbag name.

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Liberum advises Volution on offer for Energy Technique

11 November 2015 | advisory work

Liberum advises Volution Group plc (Ticker: FAN LN) on its recommended cash offer today for Energy Technique plc (ETQ LN).

Volution (1)

The acquisition is in line with Volution's strategy as it seeks to acquire businesses with well-established brands in heating, ventilation and air conditioning markets where there are favourable structural and regulatory dynamics and with an emphasis on heat recovery systems.

“This proposed acquisition is consistent with our stated strategy of making disciplined and value enhancing acquisitions," Volution CEO Ronnie George said in a statement.

"We believe that ETQ has a strong presence as a supplier to the UK New Build Commercial market which is highly complementary to our strong position in the UK New Build Residential sector," he added.

The transaction is expected to close by the end of the year.

Liberum is sole financial adviser and broker to Volution.

> Volution web site

Liberum contacts:

Peter Tracey, Head of Investment Banking

Neil Patel, Investment Banking

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Banks and AltFi: what next?

29 October 2015 | Mentions of Liberum

Liberum Alternative Finance Analyst Cormac Leech explains in this CityAM interview his outlook on the industry and the role traditional banks may play in it.

Click here or below to read interview.


"We think there’s enough interest in the sector now that institutional liquidity lines will be provided to P2P platforms that want to go in this direction," he tells the paper.

"And ultimately, as the sector gets bigger, I think the Bank of England will be willing to act as the buyer of last resort, of performing P2P loans in the secondary market at a discount."

Learn more about Liberum's involvement in AltFi > here

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