SASB aligned reporting

We report our material ESG topics aligned with the Value Reporting Foundation’s SASB Standards for investment banking and brokerage firms. The following table provides an overview of our material ESG topics including SASB codes.


Accounting metric



Incorporation of ESG factors in investment banking and brokerage activities

Revenue from transactions incorporating integration of ESG factors

FY 2021:

  1. Underwriting: £0
  2. Advisory: £38m
  3. Securitisation: £0


Investments and loans incorporating ESG factors


  1. Number: 15
  2. Value: £4m


Approach to incorporating ESG in investment banking and brokerage activities

  • ESG considerations are integrated in the process to onboard new business under the supervision of the New Business Committee.
  • Our Strategy, Accounting, and Sustainability team provides ESG advisory services for corporate clients.
  • Research on all companies we cover includes an ESG dashboard of key ESG metrics and practices and analysts include ESG considerations into their recommendations and modelling and scenario analysis where appropriate.


Business ethics

Total losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with fraud, insider trading, anti-trust, anti-competitive behaviour, market manipulation, malpractice or other laws and regulations

FY 2021: £0.00


Whistleblower policies and procedures

Policy available on request


Professional integrity

Employees with a record of investment-related investigations or regulatory proceedings

FY 2021:

  1. Number: 0
  2. Percentage: 0%


Number of mediation and arbitration cases associated with professional integrity

FY 2021: £0.00


Total losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with professional integrity

FY 2021: £0.00


Description of approach to ensuring professional integrity

Conflicts of Interest Policy and Best Execution and Order Handling Policy


Systemic risk management

Global systemically important bank score

Liberum is not considered systemically important


Incorporation of mandatory and voluntary stress tests

Liberum is not subject to BoE stress tests and but does undertake stress tests aligned with FCA requirements


Employee incentives and risk taking

% of total remuneration that is variable for Material Risk Takers

FY 2021: 57.05%


% of variable remuneration of Material Risk Takers to which malus or clawback provisions were applied

FY 2021: 0%


Policies on traders’ pricing of Level 3 assets and liabilities

The company does not trade Level 3 assets.


Gender and ethnic diversity

We are committed to hiring individuals with skills that enhance our culture and strategy. We consider candidates on merit rather than against objective criteria, with due regard to the benefits of diversity when considering candidates. We celebrate individuality and recognise this diversity makes us more resilient and effective in delivering on the needs of our clients. Recognising the gender and ethnic imbalance within the industry as a whole, we are making progress to improve this through our hiring. Harassment and victimisation are not tolerated under any circumstance.

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