Liberum appointed as Nominated Adviser and Sole Broker to CPP Group plc

We are pleased to announce that Liberum has been appointed as Nominated Adviser and Sole Broker to CPPGroup plc (the “Group” or “CPP”).

CPP Group

CPP is a leading provider of financial assistance products and services, distributed via its well-established relationships with international partners in the financial services, insurance and telcos industries. Products range from protection for credit cards, ID and mobile phones to cyber security, travel disruption cover and health & wellness plans. Products are sourced and integrated from CPP’s global network of third party providers and supported by the Group’s claims handling and customer service teams, making CPP a one-stop-shop for its partners. It is currently operating in a number of markets within Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Liberum Team

Board - Bidhi Bhoma

Investment Banking - Richard Lindley, Lauren Kettle, Kane Collings, Chris Whitaker

Sales Lead - Oliver Baxendale

Research - Sanjay Vidyarthi

CIR - Marcio Remedios

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Ropemaker Place, Level 12 25 Ropemaker Street London EC2Y 9LY +44 (0)20 3100 2000


Northspring, 36 Park Row Leeds, LS1 5JL +44 (0)113 841 9700


50-60 Station Road Cambridge, CB1 2JH +44 (0)113 841 9700
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New York

20th Floor 575 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10017 +1 212 596 4800