Liberum appointed as Joint Corporate Broker to PayPoint

We are pleased to announce that Liberum has been appointed as Joint Corporate Broker to PayPoint.

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PayPoint facilitates card payments, over the counter bill payments, top-up and provides ATMs to convenience stores. The Company has built a network of 47,000 stores across the UK (primarily) and Romania since it was founded in 1996 and IPO’d in 2004.

The Company charges a weekly fee for use of its PayPoint one platform, charges on ATM withdrawals and earns a margin on each payment through revenue share arrangements with merchant acquirers. PayPoint is listed on the Premium Segment of the Main Market, and is a FTSE 250 constituent.

Liberum Team

Board - David Parsons

Investment Banking - Steve Pearce, Robert Morton, Euan Brown, Will Hall

Research - Joe Brent, James Allen

Sales - Julian Collett

CIR - Marcio Remedios 



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