Liberum appointed as Nomad and Joint Broker to ReNeuron Group plc

We are pleased to announce that Liberum has been appointed as Nomad and Joint Broker to ReNeuron Group plc (“ReNeuron”) with immediate effect.

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ReNeuron is a UK based leader in Stem Cell and Exosome Technologies, harnessing its unique stem cell technologies to develop 'off the shelf' treatments for diseases with significant unmet needs.

Exosomes are small vesicles produced by cells that are used to pass signals and material between cells. They naturally contain a variety of proteins and genetic material and can be modified to carry specific drugs and therapeutics. After decades of research, exosomes are now coming to the fore of drug-delivery technologies.

ReNeuron’s proprietary exosomes are derived from human stem cells and enable the delivery of a wide variety of therapeutics (drugs, DNA and proteins). After years of stem-cell research and development, ReNeuron has the ability to modify its stem cells to produce a range of tissue-targeted exosomes, initially focused on neurology.

Recent additions to the board and management, position ReNeuron well to exploit its proprietary exosome technology.

Liberum Team

Board – Bidhi Bhoma

Investment Banking – Phil Walker, Richard Lindley, Ben Cryer, Cara Murphy

Research – Edward Thomason, Alistair Campbell

Sales – Alistair Smallwood

CIR – Nicole Barbour​

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Ropemaker Place, Level 12 25 Ropemaker Street London EC2Y 9LY

New York

20th Floor 575 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10017