Liberum appointed as Joint Corporate Broker to Revolution Beauty Group plc

We are pleased to announce that Liberum has been appointed as Joint Corporate Broker to Revolution Beauty Group plc (“Revolution Beauty”) with immediate effect.


Revolution Beauty is a global mass beauty and personal care business which operates a multi brand, multi category strategy and sells its products both direct-to-consumer (DTC) via its e-commerce operations, and in physical and digital retailers through wholesale relationships.

Revolution Beauty is disrupting the traditional beauty market by providing quality products at more accessible prices to a mass audience. Through its digital-first strategy, Revolution Beauty brings trend-led products to market faster than competitors. Its innovative marketing strategies are designed to appeal to a wider audience, and offer products combining quality, inclusivity, innovation and affordability.

The Group has a retail footprint of c.15,000 doors across leading retail chains in the UK, USA and other international markets. Revolution Beauty has access to a wide customer base, predominantly aged between 16 and 35, through its digital partners and own DTC platform. It has established and invested to streamline its supply chain with its own manufacturing facility in the UK, and third-party warehousing facilities across the UK, USA and Australia. The Group has offices in the UK, USA, New Zealand and Germany.

Liberum has been appointed as Joint Corporate Broker alongside Zeus (Nomad).

Liberum Team

Board – Bidhi Bhoma

Investment Banking – Clayton Bush, Ed Thomas, Miquela Bezuidenhoudt, Lucas Bamber

Legal – Alice Foster

Research – Wayne Brown, Adam Tomlinson, Anubhav Malhotra

Sales – Oliver Baxendale

CIR – Natalie Clarke

Trading – Marc Wilkinson

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