Number Disclosure
1 Liberum Capital makes markets in the companys shares.
2 Liberum Capital acts as corporate finance advisor or broker and/or provides investment banking services to the company for which it receives compensation.
3 Liberum Capital has in the last twelve months lead or co-managed an offer of securities by the company.
4 Liberum Capital [other than via marketmaking] has a holding of more than 0.5% in the issued securities of the company.
5 The author of, or an individual who assisted in the preparation of, this investment recommendation (or a connected person), or a person who although not involved in the preparation of the recommendation had or could reasonably be expected to have had access to the substance of the recommendation prior to its dissemination, has a direct ownership position in securities issued by this company. For the avoidance of doubt this does not include any discretionary holdings that an individual caught by the foregoing holds.
6 The author or an employee of Liberum Capital is a director or officer of the company..

Disclosures as at 16-Apr-2024

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